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lt’s time to trust yourself…

Write a little closing note that includes anything else they might need to hear to make their decision. At this point in the page it’s not about details or features or benefits – it’s about trusting themselves (and your support) to be able to do the work and get the result they want so badly.

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Give them the answer here. 

Use this to establish yourself as the expert. They don’t know what they don’t know, right? In their mind, they’ve probably already tried everything and have decided that nothing will ever work for them. Write 3-6 bullet points that are short and sweet, but POWERFUL statements about what has been holding them back from getting what they want. 

  • What if you could XXX?
  • What if you did XXX instead? How would that feel
  • Could you change this about your process/mindset/etc?
  • Have you been doing XXX?


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I was born on a cold, stormy day in February…

Just kidding. I won’t start that far back.

Start with the before part of your story. What happened? How did you get there? Share as many details as you’re comfortable sharing, but focus on the “feelings” you felt rather than the situation itself. Mushy-gushy goofy sounding, I know. But people connect based on emotions.

Then, give an idea of the after… now that XXX, I spend my days XXX. I know there’s always that super cheesy thing like “if I can do it, you can too!” but for real. I live in Oklahoma. I am the most socially awkward introvert you’ll ever meet. But I’m also really effing good at what I do. And I know you are, too. And I fully believe that you can, too. Really.

  • Maybe even give some bullet points of things you’ve done
  • $Xk months and X new clients
  • Actually cook dinner for my family most nights
  • Fancy pantsy new car and weekly blowouts
  • Whatever is exciting for you is probably exciting for ideal clients

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