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Process Boxes section

Curious how it works?

This section is a really cool way to talk about your unique process for working with clients. Talk about each step and how it BENEFITS the client. Bonus points if it’s something completely different than what your “competition” does.


Part one

We debrief 🧐

Remember to always focus on the parts that are the most fun and/or interesting for the client. If you have “back-end” work to do, they don’t need to know about it.


Part two

We do the thang 😍 

Make sure to include all the BENEFITS. The have to know why they should care and what they’re going to get out of this process. Make it super easy to say YES!


Part three

We celebrate 🎉

This would be a good spot to give some kind of “after” glimpse and talk about the end goal they’re trying to achieve and how it’s going to make a huge impact on their life!

Number counters section

Not to brag, but I’ve done some pretty cool stuff this year…


Pepperoni Slices Eaten


Bubble Baths Taken


Puppy Cuddles Given


Pairs of Sunglasses Lost

Bar counters section

Here’s what my mom says I’m good at…

You can come up with your own somethin’ somethin’ to say here if you want, or just delete the text and only use the bars. There are no rules!!!

  • Eating all the pizza 🍕 87% 87%
  • Remembering to shower daily 🛁 62% 62%
  • Cuddling with fluffy puppies 🐶 74% 74%

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