Are you ready to XYZ?

Then this is the perfect place to start, baby!

Step One: Watch this training

Sexy title for download/training that focuses on the BENEFIT / end result they want to achieve!

Use this to describe what they’ll get out of this freebie / training / etc. What results can they expect? What will change for them? What have they previously been thinking about this topic that you’re about to shift for them?

  • What if you could XXX?
  • What if you did XXX instead? How would that feel
  • Could you change this about your process/mindset/etc?

Step Two: Grab this free thing

Step Two: Grab one (or all) of these free things

Step Three: Join the party!

Sexy title for your online community and/or social media accounts!

Give them a REASON to follow you on Instagram or join your free Facebook group.  It’s not enough to just have a space – everyone has that – you have to actively engage with them there. THAT’S what will grow your community.

  • What do you do in there?
  • What can they expect to see/learn/be a part of?
  • What makes YOUR space perfect for them?

Step Four: Learn more on the blog

Blog Post Fullwidth

Blog Post Fullwidth

Already know about Brand Archetypes? Jump straight to the quiz. What if I told you that you could make more money just by being your regular-awesome-self?   or by being a super-hero for your clients or being a lover that makes ’em feel confident and sexy or a...

Blog Post Custom

Blog Post Custom

You know you need to build an email list. So you’re making super helpful free content. You’re Canva-ing the crap out of some pictures. You’re writing posts and articles and sharing them in every single place you can. Livin’ the #nopromo life You also know you need to...

Blog Post Basic

Blog Post Basic

Last week I had a booked a brand spankin’ new client for a $4,000 package. But that’s not the best part... The BEST part is: She (let’s call her “Nancy”) was from a COLD audience. She had only just learned that I existed the week before. Nancy didn’t book a discovery...

Step Five:

Let’s set up a time to chat!

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