Call me, maybe?

Give some basic deets on how to get in touch with you. If you’re an online biz like me, just delete the sections that you don’t need. And if you REALLY wanna’ go all out… consider adding something similar to my contact page verbiage: “Here’s the deal, y’all…I love, love, LOVE talking to you. Really, I do. But in an effort to keep myself sane, I have some pretty strong boundaries in place about how to contact me. So please read through this page before reaching out. ?”



(000) 000-0000


12345 North Main Street
City, State 00000, USA

Get some A’s to your Q’s
How do we start working together?

Ideally, send them to your sales page and have them fill out a form there to pre-qualify them! But maybe you tell them to call or email? Whatever works for you!

How much does it cost?

It’s always good to send them a range, but then send them back to those sales pages! Recommend which one they should start with or send them over to your “Start Here” page to dive in there.

Will you speak on my podcast?

Fun! Think about setting up a process for this, too. Maybe have them fill out the form below or maybe create a separate media page with it’s own form and direct them there!

Can we be best friends?

Get used to getting this question! For real. I like to send them to Instagram or my Facebook group because those are the places I hang out the most!

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