Stop XXX. Start XXX.

That’s what I do

Hey, l’m Gertrude

and I’m here to help you stop settling for XXX finally create the XXX of your dreams


Here’s the deal…

I know you don’t care that I won the coloring contest every week in first grade or that I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with Parks and Rec.

You want to know what I can do for YOU, right?

You’re here because you’re so freaking good at what you do, but you’re sick and tired of XXX.

You were meant for more and you’re ready to step into that version of yourself that you know is inside.

So let me tell you what I know…

You. I know you.


You’ve already tried XXX.

You’ve done #allthethings “they” told you to do.

You’re ready to finally have [end result] you’ve been working toward for so stinking long you can taste it.

Get inside their head – what are their fears? What keeps them awake at night? Why do they think XYZ is not possible for them?

You want them to think you’ve been totally stalking them because you’re saying exactly what they’ve been thinking.


This is the part where I come in 

l’ve been where you are now…


I remember what it’s like to XXX.

That’s why I do things differently around here.

 Use this to establish yourself as the expert by telling them why your system/process/journey/experience is different from everyone else’s and why that should matter to them. (Not program specific details, but the underlying why behind them).

Are you ready to start XXX?

Need to hear my “story” first?

l wasn’t always like this…

I was born on a cold, stormy day in February…

Just kidding. I won’t start that far back.

Start with the before part of your story. What happened? How did you get there? Share as many details as you’re comfortable sharing, but focus on the “feelings” you felt rather than the situation itself. Mushy-gushy goofy sounding, I know. But people connect based on emotions.

Then, give an idea of the after… now that XXX, I spend my days XXX. I know there’s always that super cheesy thing like “if I can do it, you can too!” but for real. I live in Oklahoma. I am the most socially awkward introvert you’ll ever meet. But I’m also really effing good at what I do. And I know you are, too. And I fully believe that you can, too. Really.

  • Maybe even give some bullet points of things you’ve done
  • $Xk months and X new clients
  • Actually cook dinner for my family most nights
  • Fancy pantsy new car and weekly blowouts
  • Whatever is exciting for you is probably exciting for ideal clients
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