Your “one thing”

you create for your clients

Hi, l’m Gertrude.

I help [person] [do/be/create XXX, XXX, and XXX] to achieve [desired end goal].

Let me tell you what I know…

They should feel like you are inside their head and you understand their values and fears. This page should not be about your specific program or results, but showing them that your underlying beliefs and values are in alignment. Get them to the sales page to talk specifics.


Write 3-6 bullet points that are short and sweet, but POWERFUL statements


What do they believe about what’s possible for them?


What do they want more than anything in the whole world? Why?


How do they currently feel? How do they want to feel instead?

Tell them why you KNOW this is possible for them, too. They probably have already tried everything they know to do to solve their problem, so make sure they feel like you truly understand where they’re coming from and still believe their desired result is totally possible for them. 

You wanna’ know how to get there?

Give them the answer here. 

Use this to establish yourself as the expert. They don’t know what they don’t know, right? In their mind, they’ve probably already tried everything and have decided that nothing will ever work for them. Write 3-6 bullet points that are short and sweet, but POWERFUL statements about what has been holding them back from getting what they want. 

  • What if you could XXX?
  • What if you did XXX instead? How would that feel
  • Could you change this about your process/mindset/etc?
  • Have you been doing XXX?


Tell them how to get it

Again, we want to speak to their values and who they are – not a to-do list of action items.

Maybe 2-3 short paragraphs and some bullet points – this really depends on your work. They should push the client a little, but they should be goals they already want to achieve anyway and sound inspiring, not hard.

  • What type of person do they need to be to make it happen?
  • What are they going to have to change about themselves?
  • How much better will their life be if they could just XXX?

Ready to get started?

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